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The Development Of Dedicated Cross-line Cutting Machine
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1, if the numerical control system is abnormal, first check whether the cross-line cutting machine power supply system is normal. In many cases, the cross-line cutter can not operate normally because of poor contact with the power supply and plug-in parts within the CNC system(electronic control cabinet). First of all, the system should be powered off. It is possible to find and solve problems according to the computer internal plug, computer and servo drive, computer and CNC system I/O, shaft card and servo drive, connection between various devices, and plug for careful inspection and processing.

2, if it is the LMGQ series cross-line cutting machine mechanical movement part abnormal, should first check the movement part. For example, if the appearance and characteristics(sound) of the transmission parts such as guide rails, Gears, rack rails, linear guide rails, ball bars, sliders, decelerators are normal, maintenance and overhaul should be done in a timely manner, and lubricant or oil should be added according to the machine tool manual., In particular, X-ray rack and track requirements must be cleaned and maintained after the workers 'class to ensure normal machine tools.
3, if the mechanical part of the operation of jitter, noise, stuck, etc. phenomenon, it is necessary to carefully check whether the moving part of the equipment is due to waste, slag or debris blocking, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

4, cross-line cutting machine normal operation, obvious spark, noise or odor, and other abnormal conditions, should be put down in time set on the operating platform of the emergency stop switch, * time to notify equipment management personnel or after the sale of the factory contact. Provide a "failover" to preserve the operation site, which is an important basis for finding failures. When we find the real source of the failure, we can handle it well.
5, when the cutting workpiece has a length error(more than 3 ~ 5mm), under normal circumstances, your machine tool cutting torch(plasma or flame) may not be in the standard position, or the cutting torch is not straight, or the cutting torch extends out. The length of the clip is wrong. Or the "distance from the tip of the gun to the surface of the tube" setting of the machine tool parameter does not match the actual value. Anyway, you need to adjust the torch according to the LMGQ manual.