2000mm Satin Ribbon Cutting Machine

2000mm Satin Ribbon Cutting Machine

2000MM width heat straight blade satin ribbon cutting machine,with 20 yrs of experience in this field we have developed this machine to a best situation.It’s the best machine for making woven ribbon rolls and similar roll products.

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FY2000J Polyester Satin Ribbon Cutting Machine high speed with CE

This satin ribbon cutting machine supports 2000mm big roll width , Applicable for cutting Polyester , Pongee textile and adhesive fabric ribbon and similar fabrics. Average 30mtr /min working speed it can slit about 20pcs of 200mtr big rolls in every 8 hours per day. And is very safe and stable while running.


woven fabric roll slitting.jpg


1.Effective Hot cut , the slit edge is clean and beautiful and without andy threads.

2.Stable structure , 20yrs of experience allow this machine run 5~10 yr with few spare part changes.
3.Precise Cutting ,The smaller width ,the better effective.

Main Parameter


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After-Sale Service

·Fully preload test and checking before we send out the machine

·1 Year Free Spare parts and Key parts change.

·Worker training and installation help

·Life time technical support and regular visit.

What Does this Machine Used for?

This is a very professional Slitting Machine for Garment Label and Care Label Slitting.

It is used to slit the wide ribbon to narrow ribbon like 10mm, 30mm, 40mm and so on. Then you can print logo or words on the ribbon to make the labels.

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