2800mm Fabric Slitter

2800mm Fabric Slitter

The fabric slitter FY2800C is for slitting fabric Jumbo Rolls, such as Nylon, Textile, Care label, Polyester and so on into small rolls with min 10mm width,the max slitting width can be 2800mm, it is one of very cost effective fabric slitter.

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Fabric Slitter FY2800C could slit different width in same time

The fabric slitter FY2800C is used for slitting non-woven fabric, Fabric, Paper,Plastic film and some filmy roll material. Easy operation, energy efficient, saves space for setting. It is a good and ideal machine for slitting non woven fabric.

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1.Stand-alone tailstock , auto edge correction control system;
2.Auto Feeding system
3.Centre rewinding , Auto tension control for unwind and rewind
4.Scratch-proof treatment
5.Static-proof treatment
6.Optional Programble+ Human-computer interface




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