800mm Satin Ribbon Cutter

800mm Satin Ribbon Cutter

FY800J satin ribbon cutter combined Europe technology with our special design on new cutting mode, professional for slitting polyester satin,mesh ribbon,organza ribbon,velvet ribbon,medical warp elastic fabric,release fabric and other industry fabrics and textile clothes.

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FY800J Polyester Satin Ribbon Cutter with Hot Blade and CE certification

This model of satin ribbon cutter machine is used to cut 800mm width woven satin ribbon rolls like polyester, pongee textile and other woven fabric.The unwinding diameter is 600mm max and rewinding diameter 300mm max. Equipped with 40 pcs high temperature hot blade provides a perfect edge slitting effect.Especially good for making small width satin rolls.

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Slitting Performance:

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1.Stable design , 24hrs production without stop.

2.Perfect Slitting effect , the edge of satin is perfect sealed by heat and leave no threads.

3.Mature structure , with 20 yrs of experience this machine is a perfect slitting solution for 5 ~ 10yrs of usage

Main Parameter:


Packaging and Transfer:

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Q: What’s the fastest speed on this machine?

A: About 30m/min is we suggested , or you can send us your material and we test for you to know what’s the fastest speeds.

Q: What’s the estimated production quantity of this machine?

A: Estimated 20 pcs of 20mtr big rolls in every 8 hours.

Q: What’s the detail info about this hot blade?

A: On working , the blade is 500°temperature at max , and 70v electrical volts. The power supply is 150w per knife

Q: How many pcs of shaft this machine equipped?

A: 1 * Unwinding Shaft , 2 * Rewinding Shaft.

Q: How often do I have to change the spare parts?

A: We suggest that you can change the vulnerable parts such as Blade , shaft and heat element in every 1~2 years depending on how often you use the machine.

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