Ribbon Cutting Machine

Ribbon Cutting Machine

This series label ribbon cutting machine equipped with powerful heat blade,the machine cuts fabric without any threads , and the cutting edge is perfectly good looking. Very suitable for making Labels and similar small width ribbons.

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Woven Roll and Ribbon Cutting Machine high speed with heat blade

This Label Ribbon Cutting Machine supports 800~3200mm width woven fabric ribbon rolls. And with 40pcs of heat blade , it can cut ribbon rolls into minimum 10mm. And with a perfect cutting edge and no threads.20 yrs of mature technology makes this machine the most stable one in china , it can run 24hrs without stop , and have 5~10 yrs of life time.

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1.High temperature Hot Blade , perfect hot cutting and no threads.

2.Center Rewind , tight and clear finished rolls

3.Stable working , 24hrs running without stop

Main Parameter


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After-Sale Service

·Engineer tests machine before shipment

·Key parts One Year Guarantee : Motor , PLC ,touch screen

·Free worker training and installation training

·24hr online technical support


·Wooden Carton or by customer’s order.

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Q: What core size is suitable for this machine?

A: 25.4mm (1 inch) to 76mm(3 inch) is suitable


Q: What’s the estimated production quantity of this machine?

A: Estimated 20 pcs of 20mtr big rolls in every 8 hours.


Q: Can I test the machine in your factory by my self?

A: Of course you can , You can come to us when the machine is ready and check it by yourself.


Q: How big is the machine?

A: The size of machine is 2960mm x 1790mm x 2070mm.

Q: What’s the working speed?

A: Average 25mtr/min

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