Semi Auto TTR Slitting Machine

Semi auto ttr slitting machine is a slitting machine with semi automatic leader station. It saves time of changing the leader and trailer,increase the producing capacity.

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HAVESINO  N2-S/N3-SS semi auto ttr slitting machine  is different with manual leader trailer station ttr slitting machine, it saves time of changing the leader/trailer film, help the operator easily to change the leader film. It is very suitable for the company who already has experience of ttr slitting.

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Basic Specification



- -One year warranty for the key parts of the machine.

- -Machine Installing and Working Training Service

A.Installing and trainning oversea service is availabel.

B.Trainning installing service in our factory is availabel.

- -Whole Life Technical Support.


What kind of machines do you need if you want to establish a TTR slitting company?

Thermal Transfer Ribbon slitting is still a very good profit business no matter in developed countries or developing countries. If you plan to establish a TTR slitting factory, you need following machine:

1) TTR Slitting Machine

It's better the slitting machine which can slit the mini width 920mm,because most of jumbo roll width on the market is 910mm. 

If you are new comer, it's better choose our N1 or N2 slitter, they are very suitable for small and medium company, less investment but can slit almost all the jumbo roll on the market.

2) Paper Core Cutter

We recommend you our CC300AN which is specially designed for 1/2 inch and 1 inch paper core cutting, what's more, it is very good price.

3) Notch Cutter

A manual notch cutter is very neccessary, because some customer may ask the ribbon with notches.

4) Mini TTR slitting machine

Like our TRS250/330, they can help you to re-produce the defect ribbon, to help you save a lot of cost.

Pls do not hesitate to let us know if you have any question on building a ttr factory, we are professional and have all what you need.

Recommend Product:

N3-AS Fully Auto TTR Slitting Machine

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CC300AN 1/2 Inch and 1 Inch Paper Core Cutting Machine

kraft paper core cutting machine.png

                                                                                    Notch Cutter

Notch Cutter (2).png

Mini TTR Slitting Machine TRS250/330

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What the mini ttr slitting machine used for?

TRS250/330 mini ttr slitting machine is designed for rewinding the finished roll of the ribbon.

It can do as following:

        A. Rewinding the longer roll to short roll: 

             for example: rewind the 110mm*450m roll to 110mm*300m roll

        B. Slitting the wider roll to narrow roll:

             for example: slit the 110mm*450m roll to 2 pcs of 55mm*450m roll

        C. Reuse the defective roll:

            for example: if there is a 110mm*450m roll has several defect points, you can rewind it to several 110mm*74m 1/2 inch roll, find the defect points and through it away.

        D. Rewinding the 1" roll to 1/2" roll

        E. Rewinding the ink inside/outside roll to ink outside/inside roll.

         In a short words, it helps you to save cost and re-produce the finished rolls.

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