Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machine

Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machine

high speed automatic half inch and 1 inch kraft paper core cutting machine is made to cut the small size paper core inner diameter from 12 to 25.4mm, half inch from 1 inch. It is a very popular kraft paper core cutting machine used in ttr slitting field.

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CC300AN High speed automatic 1/2 inch and 1 inch kraft paper core cutting machine CC300AN is a semi automatic kraft paper core cutting machine used  to cut 300mm small size of paper core from 12mm to 25.4mm inner diameter. In fact, it is very difficult to find a smart half inch to 1 inch paper core cutter with good price on market. CC300AN is a very smart but very good price core cutter. We have exported such kind of core cutter to more than 15 countries and regions, most of customers are doing ttr barcode ribbon slitting business.

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  • A. Professional designed to cut 1 inch and 1/2 inch paper cores.

  • B. Easy to operate and safety.

  • C. Perfect cutting result.

  • D. High efficiency.

  • E. Automatic upload.


8We guarantee full test and check before shipment to ensure the quality. Meanwhile, we have policy and guarantee are as following:

A. Guarantee key parts of the machine over one year.

B. Tech support for free during lifetime.

C. Info consulting for free.

D. Material support with good quality and price .

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