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As a a responsible and professional slitter rewinder manufacturer, we are proud that our customers speak highly of our machines. Our slitter rewinders have been used in various industry, like slitting and rewinding of Lamination Film And Paper, Primary Film, Printed Film, Optical Film, Adhesive Labels and so on.


Film/Paper Turret Slitter In Europe Customer

Film/Paper Turret Slitter In Europe CustomerPrinted Film/Lamination Film Slitting In Customer Factory

Film Inspection Rewinder In Asia FactoryPaper Turret Slitting In Europe Customer FactoryPaper/Label Slitting In Customer Factory

Printed Film/Lamination Film Slitting In America CustomerPrinted Film/Lamination Film Slitting In Europe CustomerKraft Paper Slitting In Europe Customer Factory

Primary Film Slitter In Asia CustomerPaper Slitting In America Customer FactoryHot Stamping Foil Slitting In USA Customer Factory

Full Auto Thermal Paper Slitting LineThermal Paper Slitting Packing LineThermal Paper Slitting Packing Line