Paper Core Cutting Machine

Paper Core Cutting Machine

CC600A Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut the long paper tube into small sizes, according to the finished tape width,it is designed specially for cutting 1 inch and 3 inch paper core which is used commonly in ttr slitting and hot stamping foil slitting field.

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Semi Automatically Paper Core Cutting Machine

CC600A is one of our very popular semi automatic paper core cutting machine. It is used for cutting cardboard tube into required length, it can cut 1 inch to 3 inch paper core( 25.4mm-76mm inner diameter) with changing tube shaft. We sell around 50-100pcs such paper core cutting machine around the world each year due to the very good price.

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A. 1 Inch to 3 Inch shaft, specially designed for ttr slitting and hot stamping foil slitting field;

B. With auto core unloading system save the operator's time to unload the finished cores;

C. Mini cutting width 10mm, cutting thickness from 2-12mm;

D. Self-locked blade to save 50% time of setting the blade width.




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