2000mm Foil Rewinding Machine

2000mm Foil Rewinding Machine

2000mm foil rewinding machine is professional foil slitting machine for hot stamping foil,metallic foil,metalized film, holographic foil,flum,aluminum foil,cold foil,and other 12-120 micron foil, film materials, max slitting width 2000mm.

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HN2000 foil rewinding machine, foil slitter is a big slitter, it is designed for foil big jumbo roll slitting, the max slitting speed could be 600m/min.It can be used to slit ITW foil,Univacco foil,Kurz foil and so on, it is very suitable for big company who slit very big volum rolls.



A. Max slitting width 2000mm, could slit most of jumbo roll on the market;

B. Max working speed 500m/min, the fastest foil slitter in China.

C. Both 3 inch and 6 inch slitting by changing shaft.

D. Mini slitting width 25 micrometer.



Details Pictures:





Case Example:

We have sold more than 150 pcs slitters to more than 25 countries and regions. About HN2000 slitter,it is a special and wide slitter for big hot stamping foil distributor in Europe 3 years ago.

They use this slitter to slit the 2000mm hot stamping foil roll to 600mm rolll for 3 inch and 6 inch roll, then resell to their customers. They are happy with our slitter because they only spent 1/3 cost but bought a Germany quality sitter. They are planning for another 2-3 pcs hot stamping foil rolls slitters from us.

hot stamping foil slitter rewinder for European customer

hot stamping foil slitter rewinder 2000mm.jpg


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