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Application And Development Of Cutting Machine
- May 14, 2018 -

In the machining process, the common cutting methods are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine and CNC cutting machine. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is big, the material waste is big, the subsequent processing work is big, and the working conditions are bad, and the production efficiency is low. In the semi-automatic cutting machine, the profile cutting machine has better quality of cutting workpiece, because it is not suitable for cutting single piece, small batch and large workpiece because of its cutting mould. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, their functions are simple, and are only suitable for cutting parts with more regular shapes. Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, NC cutting can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of sheet metal, and reduce the labor intensity of operators. In China, some small and medium-sized enterprises and even some large enterprises use manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting method is more common.

The use of steel in China's machinery industry has reached over 3 million tons, and the cutting amount of steel is very large. With the development of modern machinery industry, the requirements for the efficiency and quality of the plate cutting are also improved. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machine is still very large, and the market prospect is more optimistic. 1. After decades of development, CNC cutting machine has made great progress in two aspects of cutting energy and CNC control system. The cutting energy has been developed from a single flame energy cutting to a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, high pressure water jet). The control system of the digital control and cutting machine has been made from the original simple work The ability, the complex programming and the input mode, the degree of automation are not high to the control mode which has the function perfect, the intellectualized, the graphics, the network, the drive system also from the step drive, the analog servo drive to today's all digital servo drive;

The main varieties of CNC cutting machine include the following:

Numerical control flame cutting machine

Numerical control plasma cutting machine

Numerical control laser cutting machine

Numerical control high pressure water jet cutting machine

Other special special cutting equipment (such as CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC profile cutting machine, other non-metal special cutting equipment, etc.)

2, the characteristics and application of various CNC cutting machines.

CNC flame cutting machine, cutting with large thickness carbon steel cutting capacity, cutting cost is lower, but there are large cutting deformation, cutting precision is not high, and low cutting speed, cutting preheating time, long perforation time, more difficult to adapt to the needs of the full automation operation. Its application is mainly confined to carbon steel and large thickness sheet cutting. Plasma cutting will gradually replace medium and thin carbon steel sheets.

Plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting has a wide cutting field, can cut all metal plates, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed up to more than 10m/min. Plasma underwater cutting can eliminate noise, dust, harmful gas and arc pollution caused by cutting, and effectively improve the working environment. The fine plasma cutting has made the cutting quality close to the laser cutting level. With the maturity of the high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded 100mm, and the cutting range of the NC plasma cutting machine is widened.

The CNC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high precision. The laser cutting machine is expensive and the cutting cost is high. It is only suitable for the occasion of cutting sheet and high precision.

Numerical control high pressure water jet cutting machine, suitable for any material cutting (metal, non metal, composite material), high cutting precision, does not produce thermal deformation, with environmental cutting mode. Its disadvantage lies in its slow cutting speed, low efficiency and high cutting cost.

Other CNC cutting machines, including numerical control pipe cutting machine, CNC steel cutting machine, CNC groove cutting machine, CNC woodworking cutting machine, these special cutting equipment are mainly used in various special-purpose section CNC cutting, the market manufacturers are not much. With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements of cutting quality and precision are constantly improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production cost and having high intelligent automatic cutting function are also promoted. The development of CNC cutting machine must meet the requirements of the development of modern mechanical processing industry.

1, the development of numerical control cutting machine. From the application of several general numerical control cutting machines, the function and performance of the CNC flame cutting machine have been perfected. The limitation of the cutting material (only cutting carbon steel plate), the slow cutting speed, the low production efficiency, the application scope gradually narrowing, the market can not be greatly increased.

Plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of wide cutting range (cutting all metal materials), fast cutting speed and high efficiency. The future development lies in the improvement of plasma power supply technology, the coordination of numerical control system and plasma cutting, such as the increase of power power can cut the thicker plate, fine plasma technology. The improvement and improvement of the cutting speed, the cutting quality and the cutting precision can be improved. The improvement and improvement of the numerical control system to adapt to the plasma cutting can effectively improve the working efficiency and cutting quality.

Laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high accuracy and good cutting quality. Laser cutting technology has always been a new and high technology to support and promote the application of the state. Especially, the government emphasizes the need to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which brings development opportunities to the application of laser cutting technology. In the long term development plan of the state, laser cutting is also listed as a key support technology, because it involves national security, national defense construction, the industrialization of high and new technology and the frontier of science and technology.