1-3 Inch Paper Core Cutting Machine

1-3 Inch Paper Core Cutting Machine

CC600A semi-automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut the long paper tube into small sizes, according to the finished tape width, it is designed especially for cutting 1 inch and 3-inch paper core which is used commonly in TTR slitting and hot stamping foil slitting field.

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Semi-Automatically Paper Core Cutting Machine

CC600A is one of our very popular semi-automatic paper core cutting machines. It is used for cutting cardboard tube into required length, it can cut 1 inch to 3-inch paper core( 25.4mm-76mm inner diameter) with changing tube shaft. We sell around 50-100pcs such paper core cutting machine around the world each year due to the very good price.

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A. 1 Inch to 3 Inch shaft, specially designed for TTR slitting and hot stamping foil slitting field;

B. With auto core unloading system save the operator's time to unload the finished cores;

C. Mini cutting width 10mm, cutting thickness from 2-12mm;

D. Self-locked blade to save 50% time of setting the blade width.




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