Hot Stamping Foil Roll Slitter Rewinder

Hot Stamping Foil Roll Slitter Rewinder

separate unwinder and rewinder 2M width hot stamping foil roll slitter rewinder, used by Europe big hot stamping foil customer

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HN2000 hot stamping foil roll slitter rewinder is a 2000mm width PLC controlled slitter rewinder.

Desgined as separate unwinder and rewinder slitter rewinder, this 2000mm hot foil roll slitter rewinder is very stable and robust. Even when running at full speed, there is no slight shack. Equipped with full servo system, this machine is also very quiet during work. Besides this, it is very high automation degree to save label troubles.

It is very auto laser positioning system to help the operator load the paper core on right position very quickly. With Sick radar it can help the operator to avoid the risk during operation. Even this slitter is 2000mm width, but it can work at max 600m/min speed.

It is suitable for big hot stamping foil converters and distributor who want to slit big jumbo roll. It is also good for the one who slit big jumbo roll of laminates,film,foil,nylon and so on.


Slitter Specifications



System and Technology

  • Cnter Driven

  • Movable Easy Touch Screen

  • Perfect Rewinding Conditions

  • High Speed Production

  • 3 Inch and 6 Inch Air Shaft Rewinding

  • Air Driving Unloading Frame

  • Unwind Shaftless

  • Auto Laser Position

  • Press Roller

  • Servo Edge Rwinder

 Field of Application

  • Hot Stamping Foil

  • Metallic Foil

  • Decorative Film

  • Holographic Film

  • Semi-Rigid Material

  • Laminates

  • Flexible Packing

  • Aluminium

  • Medical/Food Packing

  • Noven Fabric

  • Textile

  • Vinyl Film

  • and other film/foil 12um to 180um thicknesso

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Function Description

-Hydraulic lifting device helps   to lift up jumbo rolls to the right position

-Vacuum splice table with clamp   bars to press on the material

- Edge guider to track the   material edge

- Shear blade slitting

-3 inch differential slipping   shafts

-6 inch adaptor

-Servo motor controlled   automatic core position unit

- Automatic finished roll   unloading tree helps to unload cut rolls from shafts


Details Picture


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2000mm hot stamping foil slitting machine for Europe customer.JPG back look of hot stamping foil slitter.jpg

Slitter Media



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