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Ironing Process Flow
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The process flow of hot stamping is mainly divided into seven parts: the preparation work before hot stamping, plate loading, pad printing and hot stamping process parameter determination, hot stamping test, sample signing and official hot stamping.

1. Preparation before ironing: inspection and selection of refined aluminum products. Besides choosing the correct aluminum electrochemical raw materials, attention should also be paid to the quality characteristics of the aluminum electrochemical raw materials, because the quality of the aluminum electrochemical materials directly affects the product class. Parliamentary hot printing plate preparation. There are three types of hot stamping aluminum plate: copper plate, zinc plate and copper-zinc plate. Use copper plate is good, because copper plate heat resistance is strong, have certain flexibility, more durable than other plates, hot printing effect is good.

2. Plate mounting: install the prepared copper plate on the bottom plate, then firmly fix the bottom plate on the machine's electric heating plate, and adjust the proper process of rules and pressure.

3. Pad plate: according to the bronzing effect, the pad plate shall be processed for local unevenness and adverse effect of bronzing, so that the pressure everywhere is even.

4. Determination of technical parameters of hot stamping: overseas hot stamping temperature. The ironing temperature is determined by the texture of the ironing material and the form of ironing (such as plastic, paper, leather, etc.). General set as follows: plate temperature: 100 ~ 150 ℃; Machine temperature: 70 ~ 200 ℃. Carbon dioxide pressure. The size of hot stamping pressure should be determined according to the nature, thickness and form of hot stamping, greater than the general printing pressure. The pressure is large to the non-paste version, hot spots clear and bright; Its pressure is small to firm do not fall off, do not send a flower advisable. Press time. In practice, the stamping time is usually treated as a constant and is not easily changed. After fixing the ironing time, adjusting the temperature and pressure will reduce the variable, simplify the operation and control the quality easily.

5. Hot test: after the current period of work is ready, several sheets of hot test can be carried out. If the rules are wrong, the front or side regulations can be appropriately adjusted; If it did not meet quality requirements, can be adjusted again hot stamping temperature or pad version operation, after reaching the requirements of the quality of hot stamping, you can try with hot tear sheet and standard the manuscript to the workshop director to sign the sample production.

6. Sample signing: after repeated comparison and confirmation of qualified stamping by the workshop supervisor, and sample signing, the operator will carry out official stamping.

7. Official stamping production: in the formal production process, the operator shall conduct self-inspection according to the production requirements. Meanwhile, the workshop supervisor and quality inspectors will also carry out spot inspection at the edge of the machine platform.