Hot Foil Slitter Machine

Hot Foil Slitter Machine

an compact and high quality hot foil slitter machine for converting hot foil and cold foil rolls

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We designed this automatic tension hot foil slitter machine for those who slit foils in small amount. It cuts max.2000mm width. It can use razor blade or shear blade for foil slitting work, rewind on 3 inch and 6 inch cores, with minimum cut width 25mm.Maximum working speed 500m/min, with very convenient operation. The machine is very cost effective choice.



A. 3 inch and also 6 inch paper cores

B. Cutting speed can be maximum 550m/min

C. There is no dust during cutting work

D. Cost effective investment




Front Look and Back Look of HN2000 Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine

hn2000 foil slitter.png1


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