Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine

Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine

professional hot stamping foil slitting machine with 1300mm width, it is suitable for those who has plenty experience in cutting and need to expand capacity.

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This HN1300 hot stamping foil slitting machine is widely welcomed by customers from Europe and America, especially to the company who needs a faster machine to help expand the slitting quantity.

This hot stamping foil slitting machine can slit stable at 400m/min speed, with many time-saving functions like hydraulic lifter, material splice table, unloading tree, all these functions make the slitting work easier and faster.

The most important point is that it can work with both 1 inch air shaft and 3 inch air shaft,it cuts max.1300mm mother roll with 3 inch or 6 inch paper core, it can rewind with both 1 inch core or 3 inch core by changing shaft. 

It is welcomed by the printing companies, who produce small quantity foils for printing work and also sell to others. The machine can cut minimum 25mm width rolls, rewind on 1" core and also 3" cores.

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Slitter Specifications




System and Technology

  • Cnter Driven

  • Easy Touch Screen

  • Perfect Rewinding Conditions

  • High Speed Production

  • 1 Inch Air Shaft Rewinding

  • Unloading Frame

  • Unwind Shaftless

  • Laser Position

  • Press Roller

 Field of Application

  • Hot Stamping Foil

  • Metallic Foil

  • Decorative Film

  • Holographic Film

  • Semi-Rigid Material

  • Laminates

  • Flexible Packing

  • Aluminium

  • Medical/Food Packing

  • Noven Fabric

  • Textile

  • Vinyl Film

  • and other film/foil 12um to 180um thicknesso

Function Description

-3 inch and 6 inch cores with shaftless structure

-Joint table helps to change jumbo rolls with straight

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Details Picture


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Slitter Media



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