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How does the cutting machine work?
- May 25, 2018 -

Cutting machine: cutting energy has been developed from single flame energy cutting to multiple energy cutting methods. CNC cutting machine control system has been developed from original simple functions, complex programming and input mode, do not have a high level of automation development to have a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, networked control mode; The drive system also ranges from a stepper drive, analog servo drive, to today's all-digital servo drive. Laser cutting machine for the fastest efficiency, the highest accuracy of cutting, cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of the plasma cutting machine is also very fast. Flame cutting machine for thick carbon steel material.

Working principle of cutting machine: the cable wire is normal, the protection ground is good, the protection device is safe and effective, the saw blade is selected according to the requirements, the installation is correct. After starting, it shall operate without load, check and confirm that the sawblade is running in the correct direction, the lifting mechanism is flexible, and there is no abnormal or abnormal noise in the operation. After everything is normal, it can only operate. The operator should press both hands on the workpiece and deliver the material evenly. Do not wear gloves when operating. The cutting thickness shall be in accordance with the factory rules of the machine and shall not be excessively thick cutting. When the workpiece is sent to a distance of 300mm from the saw blade or small pieces of material are cut, the special tool shall be used to deliver the material, and the material shall not be directly pushed by hand. When the workpiece has impact, jump and abnormal sound, it should stop immediately and check, after troubleshooting, it can not continue to operate. It is strictly prohibited to inspect and maintain all parts in operation. The sawdust in the sawing table and component parts shall be cleaned timely with special tools and shall not be picked up or wiped by hand. After operation, the fuselage should be cleaned, the saw blade should be dried, the residual water in the water tank should be discharged, the cable wire should be returned and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Used for cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

CNC cutting equipment, cutting machine application: special profile contact type and non-contact nonmetal special CNC cutting equipment will also have a larger development space, the CNC cutting machine market will continue to expand. Improving the production efficiency and cutting quality of nc cutter, reducing the cost of production and use, improving the automation level and system stability of the whole machine, and improving the system function have become the direction of its technical development. Suitable for cutting cylindrical orthogonal, oblique and eccentrically intersecting phase inertial line holes, square holes and elliptic holes on various pipe materials, and cutting the intersecting phase inertial line at the end of pipe. This type of equipment is widely used in the production of metal structural parts, electric power equipment, boiler industry, petroleum, chemical industry and other industrial sectors

Cutting machine features: on the premise of meet the cutting precision, can we talk about speed because of the short cutting platform, with his eyes highest speed, it is difficult to determine whether we can use cutting machine servo drive with the software simulation of function to check whether the speed of the motor to achieve the highest. When testing the cutting speed, we do not need to cut solid, so as to improve the speed of addition and subtraction. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously. I / 0 and mechanical sensors on the signal not equipped with too much, unnecessary switch and lamp less as far as possible, because once on or a mechanical device is out of order will affect the cutting machine, the use of component failure probability is low, less wiring is also less, easy to find fault and replace parts, best can debug on the screen all the I / 0 signal state. Maintenance costs are an important factor that must be taken into account when purchasing machines.