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Aluminium Electrochemical Selection
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Electrochemical aluminum when the choose and buy, we not only choose a color, the most important is to choose according to their USES different types of electrochemical aluminum, because in the market for all kinds of electrochemical aluminum some models suitable for plastic film and RuanSu products stamping, some suitable for leather, wood, cloth hot stamping, some suitable for hot stamping in the dark ink layer, some suitable for hot stamping on the light color ink layer. Different manufacturer production of the same purpose of electrochemical aluminum, model is not necessarily the same, and the same model of electrochemical aluminum temperature of hot stamping is not necessarily the same, so, we in the choose and buy when the electrochemical aluminum must first understand the electrochemical aluminum manufacturer model classification and product performance, usage, and then according to be hot stamping material properties and machine speed, to select the corresponding electrochemical aluminum model and color.