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Electrochemical Aluminum Stamping Foil Material Composition
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The electrochemical aluminum stamping foil is generally composed of 5 layers of different materials:

The first layer is the base membrane. It is composed of bidirectional tensile polyester film, usually PET, which is the intermediate medium in which the connection and support in the electrochemical aluminum are formed.

The second layer is the stripping layer. Its main component is organic silicon resin, which will melt and fall off automatically when heated, which is beneficial to transfer printing of aluminized layer.

The third layer is the coloring layer. Is the main body that forms colored electrochemical aluminium (silver electrochemical aluminium does not have this layer), usually made of heat-resistant transparent synthetic resins (such as maleic anhydride resin) and dyes, dissolved in organic solvents and painted directly on the surface of the peeling layer.

The fourth layer is aluminized. The aluminum metal is vaporized under the condition of high temperature and vacuum, and uniformly adheres to the surface of the colored layer, playing the role of increasing the luster of the metal.

The fifth layer is a hot - melt adhesive layer. In the process of electrochemical aluminum stamping, the aluminum coating is fixed by melting and sticking to the surface of the substrate.