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Safe Practice
- Jan 23, 2019 -

1. Operators of flame cutting machine must be trained and qualified before starting operation.

2. Operators must wear protective products according to the regulations before entering the work station.

3. The operator shall clean up the materials that are not safe to operate near the cutting machine.

4. The operator shall check all parts of the equipment for any abnormality before officially starting the machine. If any abnormality is found, the operator shall immediately report to the production manager and take effective measures to eliminate the abnormality before starting the machine.

5. Lubricate the specified lubrication points before starting the machine.

6. Before the formal cutting, run vertically and horizontally to see if it is normal.

7, to check the air source pressure gauge pointer position is in line with the requirements, if the air source pressure gauge indication is too low, that the air source pressure is insufficient, should adjust the cylinder control valve or update the cylinder.

8. After all the pre-check is normal, the machine can be started up according to the specified procedures.

9. Under normal working conditions, attention should be paid to the running conditions of the equipment at all times. In case of abnormal conditions, the machine should be shut down for processing before work.

10. Pay attention to the safe operation of hoisting when the upper board and lower parts are installed. Pay special attention to falls and scratches if you need to stand on a scaffold.

11. Adjust the gas pressure according to the workpiece thickness during work.

12. At the end of the work, shut off the power supply and gas source, and clean the site. At the same time, wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the vertical and horizontal guide rail clean and apply a layer of oil film.

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