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Technical Parameters Of The Slitting Machine
- May 21, 2018 -

The slitter is mainly used to cut the large coil master roll into different width products, and it can check the quality of products. The main features are as follows:

1. Unwinding photoelectric correction, high accuracy; divided into two files: manual and automatic files.

2, there are two ways of winding up: surface coiling and center coiling;

3. The tension of the rewinding tension is automatic.

4. The round cutter is divided and cut, the quality is reliable and the adjustment is convenient.

5. Surface center coiling is adopted to ensure uniform and stable coiling quality.

6, fixed length automatic stop, length automatic meter;

7. It has an edge cutting device, and the edge is discharged by the fan.

8. It is especially suitable for the cutting of narrow band (insulating material, mica tape, film, etc.).

Two: the scope of machine application:

1. Suitable substrates: mica tape, paper, insulating material and film cutting.

2. Applicable industries: related industries with all kinds of insulating materials, special electrical paper and film.

3. Applicable technology: disassembly, finished product inspection, finished product separation, process opening.

Three: the main technical parameters:

1. Machine speed (maximum): 150m/min

4. The maximum diameter of the reel material is 600

5. The maximum volume of the reel: 500

6. Minimum cut width 6mm

7. The precision of the segmentation is 0.1mm

8. Total power 10KW

9, weight ~ 3500KG

The intelligentization of the cutting machine is embodied in three aspects:

The intelligentization of the function of 1. process experts

The intelligentization of 2. operation expert function

3. after sale service expert function. The 1. paper cutting machine should divide the whole volume or the whole raw material into a fixed length cutting process, such as plastic packing material, packing carton, steel plate, film, leather, wood chip and so on, all use fixed length cutting control.

2. the cutting length can be set continuously. If the actual cutting length is error, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.

The 3. paper cutting machine is divided into two types: static and dynamic cutting. The cutting machine is stopped at the time of setting, then static cutting, and then restarting and running again. When the set length arrives, the cutting signal is not stopped at the end of the machine, and the cutting machine is cut and cut during the moving process of the material. The central part of the paper pipe cutting machine is installed with the main shaft of the processing paper tube. The front end of the spindle is fixed to the base with a set of bearings. A belt pulley is installed in the middle of a group of bearings; a compressed cylinder is installed in the position near the base, and the upper end of the support rod of the cylinder is installed with a support bearing and supporting the main shaft.

The upper end of the paper pipe cutting machine is equipped with a main knife shaft, which is arranged on a number of blades and arranged in a certain clearance. The supporting frame of the main shaft is also set at the top of the paper pipe cutting machine, and the support cylinder is installed in the middle of the support frame.

The structural superiority of the paper tube cutter has filled the blank of the automatic pipe cutting machine.