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Cutting machine introduction
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Slitting  machine is a pre-press that divides a large volume of paper, film,  non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into  small rolls of different widths. Postpress equipment is commonly used  in papermaking machines and printing and packaging machinery.
In  the past, the speed of the magnetic clutch of the slitter could not be  high, because it could easily cause high-speed friction of the magnetic  powder during operation, resulting in high temperature and shortening  its life. In severe cases, it would be stuck, causing the operation of  the machine to be impeded and bringing serious consequences to the  production.
Heavy impact on production efficiency. Now  is the use of dual-frequency motor control, making the diameter of the  winding material becomes larger through the frequency conversion motor  control to make the magnetic powder friction at a certain value. Without high temperatures.
The  traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to  drive the shaft of the retracting reel. A magnetic powder clutch is  added to the rewinding reel. The resistance of the magnetic clutch is  controlled by adjusting the current of the magnetic powder clutch to  control the tension of the material surface. . Magnetic  powder clutches and brakes are a kind of special automation actuators.  It transfers magnetic torque through the magnetic powder filled in the  working gap, and changes the magnetic current to change the magnetic  state of the magnetic powder, and then adjust the transmitted torque. Can  be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed,  suitable for high speed trimming and medium and low power speed control  systems. It  is also used in an uncoiling or rewinding tension control system that  adjusts the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension  during the winding is kept constant.
Slitters  are continuously controlled from single-motor to dual-motor,  three-motor development, and are more stable and efficient at faster  machine speeds.
The  main feature of the slitting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch  acts as a resistance device. Through system control, a DC voltage is  output to control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder  clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control less tension.
Disadvantages:  It cannot be high speed. High-speed friction of magnetic powder is  easily caused during high-speed operation, resulting in high  temperature, which causes the magnetic powder clutch to heat up and  shorten its service life. A tool is used to longitudinally cut a web of a certain width, and a device for cutting a plurality of narrower rolls is cut. After  it is installed in a calender, an extruder, a glue coater, and other  unit devices, continuous cutting can be completed, often with a winding  device. Cutting knife can use flat knife and round knife.
Slitting  machine products for paper processing machinery: paper slitters,  small-pane paper slitters, web slitters, high-speed slitters, etc.
Slitters  for metal processing machines: strip cutting machines, copper cutting  machines, aluminum cutting machines, stainless steel cutting machines,  tinplate cutting machines, etc.
Tension control
Slitting  machine magnetic powder brake device Slitting machine unwinding group,  connecting with the air expansion shaft with transmission parts,  controlling the torque of the magnetic powder brake to control the speed  of unwinding
Winding magnetic brake
Winding magnetic brake
degree. The  magnetic powder brake is selected according to the size of the whole  material of the slitter unwinding group. The common specifications of  the magnetic brake of the slitter include 12Nm, 25Nm, 50NM, 100Nm,  200Nm, and 400Nm. The  magnetic braking device of the slitting machine mainly provides  balanced and stable torque, which can be matched with the tension  controller to adjust the torque, so that the efficiency and quality of  the unwinding operation and the entire operation of the slitting machine  can be improved.
The  magnetic powder brake tension control is accurate and simple, which can  prevent the slitter from placing the material of the reel group. The  magnetic brake of the slitter uses DC24V DC voltage, and the cooling can  be naturally cooled (air-cooled) or the fan is forced to dissipate  heat. During  the installation, please keep the magnetic brake of the slitter on the  horizontal axis and the surrounding environment must not be too humid.
Equipment features: 1. Focus on panel operation, integrated circuit control. The various departments of the machine focus on panel operation control. 2. Main  functions of the panel: A. Spindle speed adjustment B. Winding length  setting C. Unwinding tension adjustment D. Winding tension setting E.  Start. stop button. 3. Knife with upper and lower round knife. And  can be based on different cutting width replacement knife pad, adjust  the cutting width to achieve high-quality cutting quality.
Use environment
The  machine table should be installed in a place with proper temperature,  dryness, ventilation, good light, and convenient operation.