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Technical Performance Of Paper Cutting Machine
- Jun 08, 2018 -

It should be shown in the cutting accuracy, accuracy maintenance, quality stability, operation convenience and safety of the paper cutter.

There is a certain gap between the technical level of domestic paper cutting machine and the advanced countries in the world.

(1) the control system is relatively backward and lacks the automatic detection device. From the control system, our country has just started to use PLC, and the whole line computer control has been adopted abroad. Computer control is used to monitor and adjust each executive component by computer. At the same time, the parameters can be preset and the computer can also be carried out under the control of computer. Automatic adjustment greatly shortens the auxiliary time and ensures reliable work.

2. The complete set is poor, and the domestic paper cutter is seldom equipped with peripheral equipment, that is: the cutting production line.

There is a certain gap between the appearance and the convenience of use. However, the gap between domestic paper cutting machine and foreign products is rapidly narrowing through the efforts of domestic paper cutting machine production enterprises in recent years. Sale, microcomputer controlled paper cutter is the development trend of the paper cutter, and it is replacing the cutting paper of other control methods in a faster speed and large area.

According to the "cut" button, the cutter runs two times or more. The main reason for causing the knife is the failure of the limit switch of the cutter or the upper position switch without touching, and the adhesion or stagnation of the relay contact.

The price of the paper cutter can not be neglected. The price is an important factor in choosing the domestic paper cutter. Compared with foreign imported paper cutting machines, there are obvious advantages in price, excellent performance and favorable price, which are the main reasons for the customers to choose the domestic paper cutting machine, and the after-sales service in China is in place. The market share of domestic paper cutter is the highest in China because of its high cost performance and practical and practical benefits.